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UHL linear rail

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UHL series direct line guides, four columns of single arc tooth type contact direct line guides, at the same time integrating the optimized structure of the heavy weight load charge precision direct line guide, more than other direct line guides Upgrade the burden and sexual ability; With four directions and other load features, as well as the function of self-motivated adjustment, can absorb the misalignment of the assembly surface and obtain high accuracy. The concepts of high speed, Gaofuhe, high-precision and high-precision have become the future development of industrial products around the world. The USK four-column overweight burden direct line guide is the product based on this concept.

型号材料齿条齿型齿条齿型棒形齿面处理硬度处理周节/ 模数精度等级
MSVGH-CPSCM440直齿V 型导轨齿条六角棒齿研热处理 HRC 53°-58°CP / 5, 7.5, 10DIN 6
MSVGH-CP-LSCM440直齿V 型导轨齿条六角棒齿研热处理 HRC 53°-58°CP / 5, 7.5, 10DIN 6
CSVM-CP-LS50C直齿V 型导轨齿条六角棒精铣HRC 10~12°CP / 5, 7.5, 10DIN 8
MNVGH-00SCM440N/AV 型导轨六角棒研磨热处理 HRC 53°-58°N/ADIN 6
MNVGH-LSCM440N/AV 型导轨六角棒研磨热处理 HRC 53°-58°N/ADIN 6
CNVM-LS50CN/AV 型导轨六角棒精铣HRC 10~12°N/ADIN 8
MSTGH-CPSCM440直齿平轨齿条四角棒齿研热处理 HRC 53°-58°CP / 5, 7.5, 10DIN 6
MSTGH-CP-LSCM440直齿平轨齿条四角棒齿研热处理 HRC 53°-58°CP / 5, 7.5, 10DIN 6
CSTM-CP-LS50C直齿平轨齿条四角棒精铣HRC 10~12°CP / 5, 7.5, 10DIN 8
MNTGH-00SCM440N/A平面导轨四角棒研磨热处理 HRC 53°-58°N/ADIN 6
MNTGH-LSCM440N/A平面导轨四角棒研磨热处理 HRC 53°-58°N/ADIN 6
CNTM-LS50CN/A平面导轨四角棒精铣HRC 10~12°N/ADIN 8
MHVGH-LSCM440斜齿V 型导轨齿条六角棒齿研热处理 HRC 53°-58°M1.5, 2.5, 3DIN 6
CHVM-LS50C斜齿V 型导轨齿条六角棒精铣HRC 10~12°M1.5, 2.5, 3DIN 8



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