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Actively Deal with the Challenge of Linear Guide Market

Nowadays everyone talks about innovation, but there are a few things that can really be done. The development of linear guides in China has been more than 40 years, but our productivity is still far below the world average level. We are facing the challenges of the market, but also the challenges of the quality of the world's linear guides.

In fact, in my opinion, the development of straight-line guides is always changing. Generally speaking, these points are as follows: pressing equipment is the key to improve the positioning accuracy of straight-line guideway equipment, good stability in use, low failure rate and the development of double or even three-drop press; pressing and blowing molding technology is the key to manufacturing high-precision container products. Among them, seamless rotary pressure blowing linear guide equipment seeks breakthrough; centrifugal forming is an important process to reduce the material consumption of linear guide equipment and the cost of die; developing multi-station fully automated centrifugal linear guide equipment is a hot spot in the market; determinant bottle-making linear guide equipment is also developing towards high precision and high output; linear guide design One of the key technologies to improve the quality of the spare surface is the flame polishing of the product surface, and how to improve the precision and automation of the polishing linear guide equipment to adapt to mass production. Sell has never abandoned the research and development of linear guides, the innovation of products and the training of linear guides staff within the scope of productivity level, all of which are essential elements for Sell's development.

I believe that in the near future, the overall level of linear guides in China will be improved, whether in terms of product quality or service quality, everything will develop in a good direction.

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